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The Texas Clogging Council, a 501c3 non-profit organization, was created in 1982 to coordinate the efforts of clogging groups in Texas in preserving and promoting the heritage and the all-around fun of Appalachian clogging. At a time when the interest in clogging was expanding at a fast rate, a source of central leadership became increasingly important. As a channel of communication, The Texas Clogging Council serves the individual clogger as well as clogging clubs.

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CLOGGING, an American folk dance, was introduced to Texans in the early 1970's. Wade and Gloria Driver brought clogging to Houston, Texas in 1973. They began teaching the clog steps they learned from "Big" John Walter in Alabama. A few years later, Judy Harrington moved to Dallas, Texas, and offered to that area much of the same style of clogging presented by the Drivers, perhaps an influence of their early clogging days together in Alabama.

In 1976, Deloris Breske offered clogging lessons in San Antonio, Texas, and presented Appalachian-style clogging to the South Texas area. These were the first well-spent and strategically important efforts in the early development of Texas Clogging.

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